IT, Offices & Datacenters Relocation

Decreasing costs of relocating your IT infrastructure and increasing your ROI.

If you are considering relocating your business and are worried about your IT infrastructure, you need not worry any longer.

Fred Corp has the expertise and the skills to move your IT infrastructure through meticulously planned and executed solutions.

Over the years, we have undertaken many projects to move and relocate IT infrastructure across EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa), as part of internal move relocation program, or Merger and Acquisition (M&A), or divesture, or simple shutdown program.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to provide you expertise on the move of your mission-critical IT infrastructure; providing peace of mind with a minimum of downtime. On top of that, we are working with your IT team to understand your future projects and growth, and integrate them into the ‘planning move’

Key Benefits

Moving IT infrastructure could be a very stressful and disruptive procedure; also, minimizing disruption and ensuring business continuity is critical during the relocation of your IT facilities.

Our people are coming from Microsoft, Yahoo, Google; we use our professional IT skills, knowledge and operational capability to move / transfer large IT datacenters and other infrastructure components with ease.

From specific technology relocation issues to executing the entire physical move of the office IT and back-office IT operations. We follow a step by step procedure while conducting the business relocation for our client.

We provide:

  • Project planning and consultation
  • Project coordination
  • Project execution by our professional IT engineers
Our goals:
  • Minimal downtime through agreed, pre-defined service level agreements
  • Successful delivery through comprehensive planning
  • Adequate resourcing to remove the burden of IT relocation
  • Provide recommendations on how to increase your IT performance
Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, we are ready to help you plan and execute the relocation of the IT infrastructure of your company. Through our IT business relocation practice, we strive to enhance efficiencies, reduce complexities and provide economic advantages.

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