A new type of firm.

We don't claim to possess the knowledge you need in-house.
But we can find it, no matter where it resides.

About Us

Building the world’s premier IT knowledge network

Founded in 2012, Fred Corp’ mission is to bring the potential of seamless global connectivity that is changing people’s personal lives over into the professional sphere. Boundless knowledge exists in the world, but it is dispersed across hundreds of millions of professionals worldwide. Leveraging digital connectivity, we help bring this distributed knowledge to bear on today’s most important business decisions. In doing so, we help decision-makers better allocate resources, accelerate innovation, drive progress and provide success projets.

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    Five years into our journey, we rank amongst the fastest-growing information services firms worldwide. Operating from two knowledge hubs in the US, Europe, our experts connect many of the world’s leading business professionals with talented experts who help our clients ramp up on unfamiliar topics, arrive at better decisions and execute projects more effectively.

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    We are committed to deliver what it takes – in our all-superstar team, our systems and processes – to help our clients stay at the top of their game and continue our own journey towards building the world’spremier IT knowledge network.

We invite you to learn more about the services we provide, the approach we've chosen and our core beliefs.

Where brains beat algorithms


When it comes to identifying the right knowledge for today’s complex challenges, we believe that human intelligence beats even the latest algorithms hands down. Knowledge – as opposed to information – is too local, too fluid and too contextual to be simply stored and retrieved from a database. We have, of course, developed sophisticated technology to help our team collaborate seamlessly and work quickly.

But at heart, we’re a human business. We broker direct connections between people who need to know and people with insights and answers. The value we add to our clients’ thinking has helped us rapidly grow to become a global leader in our field. And that helps us attract some of the brightest and best talent in the market – driven, down-to-earth, passionate people who thrive on having a real impact on our clients’ businesses.

Driving progress, one connection at a time

The world has never been more connected or more dynamic. Today’s professionals are the first generation to be able to easily connect to others outside their borders and personal networks. In fact, it’s never been easier to do business and build relationships in new and exciting ways.

We believe global connectivity is a force for good. In fact, the more connected the world is, the better the unique human capacity for specialisation and exchange can work its magic and produce innovation – in turn allowing every generation to be healthier, wealthier and longer-lived than the one before.

We believe that by connecting professionals seeking knowledge with those possessing it, we can make our own contribution towards better decision-making, accelerated innovation, and faster progress.

Every single day, how we think and what we do is guided by two core beliefs:

We’re focused on being the best at what we do. And where we're not, on becoming the best. This drives us to continually review and critique, tweak and adjust, searching out new ways to deliver value to our clients. Not just today, but tomorrow, the next day and the one after that.
In an ever more connected world, what goes around comes around. But even more fundamentally, we believe in doing the right thing by our clients, advisors and those around us – no matter what.

Fred Corp at a glance

Our mission
To bring distributed knowledge to bear when and where it is needed most
What we do
Broker connections between global professionals
Who we work for
Internet firms, private equity firms, professional services firms and corporate strategists
Paris, London, New York, San Francisco
In partner with SalenGo