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We provides a complete service, enabling to deliver a premium service across all events & operations.

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Connecting intelligence

Today, no one in business can be an expert in everything. There are too many markets. Too much geographical complexity. Too many ‘black swan’ situations. And time is never on your side.

At the same time, in an ever more connected world, you are only ever one step away from the critical insight and knowledge you need to succeed. That's where we come in: we help our clients – the world’s infrastructure, operations, M&A, consultancies and corporations – get to the knowledge they need by connecting them quickly and discreetly with the best possible source of frontline insight: experienced industry professionals operating in the specific field of interest, however niche or specialised it may be.

Industry professionals, in turn, welcome being introduced to our clients because it provides an opportunity for them to participate in the strategic dialogue shaping their industries. Unsurprisingly, the introductions we facilitate frequently lead to follow-on advisory work, non-executive roles or management positions.

Whatever the question, whatever the market

Fred Corp in numbers

97% of clients reuse our service
Over 90% of projects are delivered within 48 hours
88% of interactions rated as excellent by our clients
Four knowledge hubs: Paris, London, New York, San Francisco
Over 100 projects completed every year

Leading IT professionals, consultancies, corporations

We help the world’s leading IT professionals quickly get up-to-speed on unfamiliar situations, make better decisions and find talented experts to help them execute projects more effectively. Our clients are household names and leaders in their fields. And we’ll do all we can to help them stay there.

When to use us

Clients use our services at various stages of their decision or execution processes.

  1. Initial ramp-up

    Connecting you with the people who can accelerate your initial learning

  2. In-depth due diligence

    Helping you deep-dive into the nitty-gritty in your target areas

  3. Execution support

    Providing experts for short-term assignments and interim positions

  4. Long-term relationships

    Introducing you to executive talent or potential high profile partners

Who we work with

  • The top 5 global internet companies
  • 1 of the top 10 global private equity firms
  • 2 of the top 10 global telecom companies
  • Corporate decision-makers in many countries across Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas

What our clients say

What we deliver

Put simply, we deliver access to whatever knowledge or talent helps solve your problem. What sets us apart from others is that we don’t have a pre-assembled network of ‘experts’. Instead, we’re dedicated to finding just the right specialist for your specific challenge. Once you brief us, our team of analysts globally will rapidly identify who can deliver the most valuable insights for your individual challenge. We approach senior executives or sector specialists, assess their fit with your needs and provide you only with highly targeted options. Then, when you select who you’d like connect with, we broker the contact.

The result? You get to speak to the most relevant person for your individual questions. You can choose from a variety of engagement formats:

  • Telephone Consultations

    One-on-one or teleconferences with select experts

  • In-person Meetings

    At your offices, the expert’s location, or industry events

  • Short Term Assignments

    Carried out by knowledgeable specialists

  • C-level Introductions

    Brokering discreet introductions to key individuals in your target markets

Fred Corp at a glance

Our mission
To bring distributed knowledge to bear when and where it is needed most
What we do
Broker connections between global professionals
Who we work for
Internet firms, private equity firms, professional services firms and corporate strategists
Paris, London, New York, San Francisco
In partner with SalenGo